Time Together


Spending time together is a vital part of any relationship. Giving focused attention can say to your spouse, mate, friend, partner that you love and care about them. You don’t have to be in a committed relationship I feel to practice one of the “Five Love Languages”.

Our lives today are so focused on getting things done and achieving success under the guise of doing it for your loved ones. Its that desire to get ahead in life that fractures relationships and leads to relationships ending. Sometimes work can be used as a reason to avoid having to grow a relationship.

I guess its like a house plant, unless you water and feed it soon it will wither and die. People like to feel like they matter and being together physically can help foster that. I am not always good at this. There are distractions such as media, tech, the list of stuff that needs to get done that can get in the way. Like anything worth doing it requires work and determination.  Have peace and come together good people.