Throwback Thursday – Me on the job at Blood Assurance just out of orientation and training. I was just figuring out what I was doing. Since then I have done pretty well for myself. 


Two Weeks Ago


Wow, its hard to believe that two weeks ago was my grandmother’s funeral. Today life goes on with work and making a living, as she would want me to. Everyday I miss her and think about her. My concern is for my granddad in that he misses her but he continues to live and care for himself in her absence. Grieving is a strange thing but its a necessary thing. When you love someone the price you pay is the pain when they are gone. Life goes on and God is good.


Throwback Thursday – Pigeon Forge 2009

This was a trip we took on Labor Day weekend shortly after my 40th Birthday. We had a lot of fun!


Throwback Thursday: Netscape

My friend nikkidactyl was talking about ICQ and AOL, remember them, and it got me to thinking a little about Netscape. This was the first widely adopted browser on the Internet. This company was the first real competition to Microsoft which didn’t have much of a Internet strategy until it got serious about Internet Explorer. Netscape was eventually bought out by AOL. I miss the old days of Netscape, but its legacy product Firefox lives on to continue the mission.