Thinking Thoughts


Sometimes its good not to think too hard or overthink something. Your thoughts can get in the way of reality. Thinking thoughts can make things bigger than they really are. One can make more of a situation and we all know what comes from that. It’s good to have thoughts and its even better to think before you say or act but don’t let your imagination run wild when it doesn’t have to.

Overthinking is a problem I have and it drives people I know and love crazy.


Think then Speak


Today I was reminded that I should think, then speak. Sometimes I get carried away and kid around too much. Joking about folks problems even in a well meaning way can be hurtful. I would like to think I am a nice guy but I am a human being and there are moments when I make mistakes by speaking too much. Often times its best not to say anything. God, forgive me when I hurt others, help me be a better person for my family and the world.