Southerners and Winter 2014


My fellow Southerners this weather is something beautiful, strange and something we experience every once and awhile. Our DNA is not equipped to handle lots of frozen weather. Please be careful, don’t get out unless you absolutely have to. Winters here aren’t supposed to get this cold and have this much precipitation so often. Stay warm and inside. Keep calm, we will get through this.

To my friends in the north, we feel sorry for you because you go through this thing a lot traditionally. It’s good to experience life from a different view.


A Commentary: Faith, Communities and The South


In our southern communities it is good to celebrate the diversity of life and faith. We also must respect people who have made a conscious decision to not embrace faith. I don’t think our public schools should be a platform to endorse one faith over another. I am a Christian and sharing my faith doesn’t mean in your face exhibitions of scriptures on a sign at a football game but living a life of action and one-on-one sharing where its more personal and intimate.