Holiday Status Update


The last couple of days before Christmas can be a challenge. Walmart and Bi-Lo (a regional grocery store chain) were both crowded today. People are making last minute purchases, like I did today. The good news is that I got my wrapping done today and we are almost done with what we need to do for our family celebration.

How is everyone doing on their holiday prep?


Christmas Around The World


I follow the blogs from some great people around the world. With it being Christmas time it’s interesting to hear about traditions and customs for the holidays. Americans tend to blow up the holidays with bigger than life celebrations, Christmas is not exception. However celebrations in other parts of the world might not be as grand. This is a conversation I would be interested in having. 

One Week From Today


Its one week til Christmas. In the hustle and bustle of the season, I hope you have a chance to enjoy it with family and friends. Slow things down, wait for it, be patient. The holiday’s are great, but it can cause enormous stress. Its amazing to see how much traffic there still is around shopping malls and the big box stores.

In the Christian tradition, the Season of Advent is about waiting for Christ to arrive. This season should be about the journey as well as the excitement of the destination.

No matter how you approach the holidays, be sure you do it in the love of kith and kin. Make it special and have fun.