Everyone Loves A Underdog


How come in movies like The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies the bad guys army is so much bigger than the good guys? It seems almost cliche to me. The Orcs in this movie outnumber everyone 2 or 3 to 1 and it doesn’t seem fair. As my wife observes everyone loves a underdog. However in these movies the underdog has to fight twice as hard and there isn’t always a happy ending.

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The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies: Yeah, Martin Freeman is epic as a action hero, I would buy that everyday. This movie was epic and poetic and violent. Our heroes story was about living, having courage, friendship, loyalty and love. This is a movie you must see on the big screen and I am glad I didn’t see it in 3-D because there is a lot to see there. I approve of this conclusion to the story.

The Hobbit, My Review…It Was Great


imageOK, I have to say this straight away, I am not much of a reader. Therefore I have not read the book “The Hobbit”. With this being said I will be giving my opinion from a movie goers perspective.

I thought this movie was a visual treat. There was so much action and adventure to be found. Surprises awaited at every corner.

Stories about a fish out of water are very relatable. Bilbo Baggins tale of his journey with these band of dwarfs was humorous as well as tough. It reminds us all that the world is full of life and adventure, we just have to leave The Shire to experience it.

Martin Freeman was brilliant in this leading role. He captured the spirit of a man who was about to discover himself as he discovered these new lands. A man who was comfy in his home was about to do battle with creatures only from our imagination.

Richard Armitage was great as Thorin Oakenshield. Of course Sir Ian McKellen brought to life the wizard Gandalf who we have seen in “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy. These two characters made this movie extra special.

Gollum is a iconic character that is popular in our culture. His journey into madness by the ring he prized to much was sad and you felt for him.

Monsters were just horrific. The trolls, goblins and Orcs were just gruesome, and quite the sight to behold and they didn’t make life easy for our heroes. How these warriors survived was truly amazing

It all comes back to the central story of courage, taking a stand and wanting to recapture homeland. We can defeat evil if we do good every day. Stories like this need to be told more often. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote something brilliant here and I cannot wait til the next installment.