Can You Take This Call?


In my line work I talk to people of all ages and all walks of life. Our world is more connected with technology than ever before. A good majority of us have wireless phones that do amazing things. They have apps that can help us manage our lives….one thing these phones can do that many have seemed to forget is to talk on them.


It is important for users of a certain age to be trained in how to have conversations that do not involve texting. Users of a certain age still use their phones to have a voice conversation and will leave voice mail. Using these traditional tools of communication is vital sometimes because you can’t convey emotion in the same way by text based chat. It’s important for people of all generations to take a call in all forms.


It’s Friday!


Welcome to the end of the week good people! The weekend is upon us and that is always a good thing. My workplace is great and I love my job but having a couple days off is good for the soul. Whatever you are doing may it be great! Have fun, be safe and of course blog about it, if you can.

Grace, Peace and Love to you all.

It’s Okay


It’s Okay to share when your heart, soul and emotions are wounded. We have come a long way but there’s a sigma still attached to depression and the like. People need to know that they are loved no matter what their situation is. Everyone is human and is in need of love and tenderness. The way to understanding is sharing your cares to people who need to know and can help. It’s okay to hurt its okay to be vulnerable.

Smart Phones, Yes You Can Talk On Them


It’s almost strange, while it shouldn’t be to get a call on your smartphone. Yes those devices can make and receive voice calls but you know you use that device for texting, web, apps and games more than you talk to someone on it.

I just got a call and it was almost strange to speak to a person on it. It was a reminder that yes you can talk on them. You can use your voice to talk instead of using your fingers to send a message.

Most of my communication seems to be text based and with my wife, family and friends. I guess we can’t forget those are phones too and its their primary purpose.

Original Blogging @ Tumblr


Here on Tumblr I have connected with some fellow bloggers who are all about original blogging. That fits in my personal philosophy of sharing ones thoughts and ones heart. Reblogging is a common practice here and it’s OK, I just choose to make the most of this platform through posting my own original text and photos. There is a saying that there’s nothing original under the sun and I agree with that however Tumblr is about being creative and being different, both are things I can get behind.