The Call


Everyone has a calling in life. It’s a personal thing that comes from much reflection and a lifetime of discovery. There is much discernment in the process of figuring out what one wants to do. Some folks are in the job they are called to while others are just figuring it out.

No matter what each of us has a call to answer. The phone is ringing and we must pick it up to see what opportunities are on the other side. Sometimes you have to do work along the way that will lead you to the situation that life has for you.

Whether it be answering phones or doing something else, every day is an opportunity to grow and learn.


Mobile Phone 40th Anniversary: What’s The Future Of The World’s Most Popular Gadget?


From The Huffington Post UK: Mobile phone technology has come a long way since the first mobile phone call was made 40 years ago today, changing life forever- but there is a lot more innovation to look forward to, according to one expert.

It’s amazing what we can do with our phones today. Our cell phones can give us the world and help us communicate in ways other than talking. Sometimes our phones can distract us and keep us from actually talking to one another. Our phones have in many ways become our brains since we store so much info on them too.

Mobile Phone 40th Anniversary: What’s The Future Of The World’s Most Popular Gadget?

Hanging on the Telephone


I am trying to get my unemployment benefits situated. To do this I have been on hold on the phone for over 5 hours this week. I am hanging on trying to get this done so I can get my questions answered. This is very frustrating but it has to be done. 

This is what its like on the other side of the phone. I have worked in customer service in my life and when you have hundreds if not thousands of people needing to find out the same info it can be like waiting in traffic.