The Latest and Greatest, A Desire for New Tech Stuff


Apple announced a new line of technology which included new iPads, Macs and an update to their OSX operating system. It seems like they release new stuff all the time. It’s has been their practice for years to trot out new gear for the masses. Consumers oooh and aaah over their new stuff and its a reminder that what you have now isn’t good enough. Resistance is futile. 

Consumers are barraged by big release events, commercials and other marketing to make you want something to replace your not so old equipment. Think the iPhone in how they now have a gold model.

We all want the latest and greatest but sometimes we just can’t afford it. Yes I am guilty as charged of that too. However over the past few years I have worked to keep our older gear going.

I feel like in the economy we have keeping your gear running as long as you can is a must. However the temptation for new stuff is strong. I am unemployed so I can’t go putting down $1000 for a new computer right now.

Upgrading your computers memory, running updates and being creative can keep your PC running. Sometimes you have to update because the current technology is needed to do daily functions. Optimizing your personal technology can help performance and will frustrate you less.


Surfin The Web Old School Style


Friends, my setup in Nerd Corner has given me a revelation. I like surfing the Web from a desk, in a quiet place, on a big monitor. Yes give me a desktop set up or modified laptop set up, any day. I think you can be more creative, focused and accurate in your computer activities this way. I really am enjoying this feeling of being at a desk and feeling like I am accomplishing things.

Of course there is the excitement of taking your laptop into a coffee house those hipsters (I am a wanna be hipster) like and surfing, doing real work and checking out the latest blends while you people watch. Hopefully the WiFi hasn’t been maxed out by the other users and you can get an IP address. 

Surfing from home means wearing your PJ’s or whatever you pass off as PJ’s or whatever you want to wear…heck wear nothing. You have cheap coffee and perhaps someone you can snuggle up with while you have dueling computers. 

Then there are the tablets out there, you know the ones that have a touch screens and the like. But you know there’s something retro and fun about a real keyboard…you get to hear what you write too. I would like a tablet but to use from the couch or bed.

However you surf the Web make sure you enjoy it. Remember how much fun it can be. A browser is still the best killer app. Happy surfing everyone. 

One Thing (Among Many) I’ve Noticed


One thing I have discovered, is that people on Tumblr and other places online hate change. When their user interface looks different all of a sudden they go into a tail spin. I get it, it can be startling and all that. One thing that technology is built on is change, innovation and keeping things fresh and interesting. Some folks are about keeping things the way they are but also they like shiny new TV’s and phones…talking about change. Friends, change is ever present. Hang on. It will be alright!


breakingnewsBlackBerry agrees to $4.7 billion buyout

Reuters Smartphone maker BlackBerry said it has agreed to be acquired by a group lead by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd for $4.7 billion.

According to a letter of intent, BlackBerry shareholders would receive $9 in cash for each share they hold.

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Photo: A sign is seen at the Blackberry campus in Ontario, Canada,   Sept. 23, 2013. (Mark Blinch / Reuters)

September 11, 2001 – A Social Media Perspective


I have been watching MSNBC this morning as they replayed the NBC coverage of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. One thing that struck me is that this event was covered well before social media/networking was developed.

MySpace which was the first social media platform of note didn’t start until 2003. Blogging was around but hadn’t reached critical mass at the time. News outlets had websites that were hit heavily by users wanting to get as much information as possible.

The most bandwidth people could get was about 3mb on a cable modem like I had at the time. Some businesses would have a T-1 line if they had to provide Internet access to many users like the newspaper I worked for in 2001. The World Wide Web was tested that day. 

Some news websites had to alter their functionality to give more information on the chaos of the day. Style gave way to basic function with fewer images and more text to give more users access to vital info. Press services such as the AP and Reuters fed information to media outlets so they could relay information to their viewers, listeners and readers. Network and 24 hour news outlets led the way in bringing pictures and sound into the homes of people around the country and the world.

Landlines and cell phones at the time were the primary communication tools for people across the country including  New York and Washington, DC during the events of that day. Texting was in its infancy, however people used pagers to connect with business and personal contacts. In the areas hit phone lines were jammed with people wanting to connect with others. 

Technology has improved, the web has come along to give us Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and other sites. Text messages are sent in the billions daily. Twenty-four hour news has integrated social media into how they transmit and receive the news. Citizen journalism is a everyday part of our lives. 

Watching A Movie Made Before Modern Tech


My wife brought up a point that its interesting to watch a movie where the means of communication are more limited to what we have today. Many movies in the early 90’s and earlier don’t have cell phones and the Internet was still mostly a governmental entity. The World Wide Web was still being developed, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging did not exist. So characters in movies and TV communicate by talking in person and by phone.

Friends who are of a certain age don’t understand so its like taking a trip back in time. I would say watch movies before 1994 to see a time before modern tech takes off.


Memories of the way we were…computer style. (Apologies to Barbara Streisand)

One Week Ago, New Phone, New Blog


One week ago was a huge day. Last Friday, I set up this new blog and later that day we got new cell phones. There are days when your inner geek can experience joy and rapture. Technology can help you express yourself as well as stay in contact with others. Our new phones work so much better than our old ones in that they do so many more things. My new blog is taking shape and I have good following so far.

I cannot forget to keep my tech in check because it can capture my attention and won’t let go easily. Things like blogs and phones can be weapons of mass distraction so I have to remember to acknowledge others around me. When its all said and done its people that matter most, not the devices or means of contact.



Change it’s a part of life

You find it in your pocket

Old gives way to new

Its about the times

People, places, faces in transition

Regeneration from one person to another

The seasons come and go

Growing in life and love

Coming into life and passing into death

It is a human thing

Technology getting better

Going from war into peace

Adapting and adopting

Its about you and its about me