Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand


As a long-time Linux user I haven’t used this browser for personal stuff for awhile. However many developers insist on using Internet Explorer for much of the applications they develop. I have to use it for work but that hopefully will be coming to a close soon. 

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand




There are many things that distract us. Family concerns, job worries, technology, social media and more. I find myself distracted too much and its a problem in many areas of my life. God gave me two ears, two eyes and one nose so that I could be aware of things going on around me. Fortunately I have only one mouth so I can’t talk too much. I also have ten fingers which can type and that is another set ot troubles there.

The main thing is that we get distracted from relationships, driving, work by things that are bright and shiny and that is not good. It can have a bad impact on ones life. Personally I need to work harder on being less distracted.

USB Drives


As I said earlier I went to the Walgreens where hipsters go to pick up pictures and Valentine’s Day candy. While checking out there was a bin full of 8 GB USB drives. It still amazes me how much data you can store on something the size of your thumb. My first computer that I bought back in 1995 only had a 1 GB hard drive.

The advances in technology and how we use and store data still amazes me. You can install an entire operating system on a 8 gig drive with plenty of room left for storage. I hope we all never grow tired of the next big thing in tech so we can see the wonder of creativity and engineering.

Obama praises Chattanooga as ‘a tornado of innovation’ @


This is a great article about our hometown gigabit service being lauded by President Obama! We have wicked fast Internet here and its cheap.

Obama praises Chattanooga as ‘a tornado of innovation’ @

How to Move On After Windows XP Without Giving Up Your PC


On April 8th, Microsoft will officially cut off support, service, and security updates for Windows XP. It’s been a long time coming, but depending on where you stand, it’s either overdue or absolute armageddon.

I recommend using a Linux distribution such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu. There is a learning curve but both are free of charge and you can’t beat that. (Click the link above to read the story from

How to Move On After Windows XP Without Giving Up Your PC

An Amazing Thing, This Technology


We have a Keurig coffee brewing system that we got last Christmas. This morning it was not brewing at all, so that problem had to be fixed.

I went on YouTube to see if there was any information other people had with their Keurig’s and lo and behold I found a video that helped guide me through the process of fixing it. Using a paper clip I was able to unclog the injector needle and then ran some water through it to do a deeper cleaning.

This is what’s good and right about the Internet. People providing solutions for other people when something is not working right. Now some solutions can lead to more problems but with enough research you can find a remedy for most things.

YouTube among other sites is a great way to find out the common experiences of other people who want to lend a hand. I think its valuable to have a resource at your fingertips that can help you through life. It’s an amazing thing to have technology like this. Lets hope it never falls into the hands of people who seek to do nefarious things.

I’m an Android Guy


Thanks to Google and the open source community for the work on the Android operating system. It has made a difference in the computing and mobile technology sectors. Worldwide it’s the most popular platform.

Android powers my phone and tablet. I can do what I need to do with those two devices such as social media, blogging, image management, e-commerce, news and information gathering. Apps are a big deal and more apps are being built for mobile, laptop and tablets. It’s cool to see the advances and new things to come.