The Power of Teamwork


Getting ready for a rummage sale takes teamwork. It takes donations from generous individuals along with people to pickup and receive the items. Of course you have to set it up in a logical order and price each item. This past week we have had some great workers at church doing the work of getting things done for this important fundraiser. Our youth benefit from this sale and they have been great workers and I can’t say enough good stuff about them. The adults have been great leaders and mentors to get things done.

When people come together to get things done its amazing what great things can be accomplished. It’s been a good week, tomorrow will be the big day.¬†


It’s amazing what people can do when they work together. A crew of willing workers have been painting the main hallway at my¬†church this week. People of different ages, opinions and backgrounds came together to serve God by doing some DIY at the church house. Their work has had a great impact on how things look and has modernized the space a bit. Perhaps this can be a metaphor for the rest of life. Way to go Team White Oak United Methodist Church!