Yeah I am liking the new Taylor Swift. This was a Zumba song for tonight .

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off


Taylor Swift


Sometimes you need to write about things outside your wheelhouse. It challenges you to learn new things and see people from a different perspective.

Tonight I am going to write about the transformation of Taylor Swift from country sweetheart to new pop princess. For many we have seen this coming with her music sounding less country since her last album to today’s release of “1989” which is her full on pop title.

Some of her fans will enjoy the transformation while others will hold close to the country star we have seen up until now. Taylor is a very talented entertainer. She can act and sing with confidence. Her future is very bright in the new arena she has migrated to. I think her hardcore fans will go where she goes. This transition will be most interesting to see as she goes on and produces other works. Maybe she will do more acting as a part of her new image.

Country music made this artist. Radio stations played her music and got her on the charts. They were the one she danced with to get her to where she is today. If I were giving her career advice, don’t burn bridges. Don’t forget your roots and all the awards and accolades your now former genre lauded you with….you might need them again one day.

Taylor has been on “The Voice” as a key advisor and from what I have seen of her this woman has credibility, experience and much to offer up and coming talent. All of this is amazing coming from a 20-something. Just wait to see what she will do in her 30’s and beyond.

She has her detractors and we all know about her penchant to write about being love lorn. How will this impact what she does in the future? This is going to be something to see. Haters gonna hate but I think she might have the last laugh. I personally wish her all the luck in the world. She won’t need much luck because she has talent and ability powering her life and career.


The Lorax: Second movie of the night. This is a classic tale from Doctor Seuss. It features Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny DeVito and Betty White. It is from the folks that bring us Despicable Me! It has a very pro tree message with a dis on the destruction of our natural resources. This is a very family friendly movie.