Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who! 

From William Hartnell to Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi this show has impacted generations of people around the world. It has influenced science fiction fans and inspired people to dream in different dimensions. Its a great show then and now. 


Matt Smith Leaving “Doctor Who”


You go away for the day and you come home to the interwebs blowing up about Matt Smith leaving “Doctor Who”. Smith has been “The Doctor” for four seasons and has taken the show into a bright future.

Now there is a help wanted sign outside the TARDIS and there will be a casting call to see who will be the next “Doctor”. I don’t know who will be chosen and you know I want it to be a surprise. He needs to be older I think, perhaps someone who is very young at heart. I am wondering if they would consider someone of color or another ethnicity.

From what I hear he will be leaving at the Christmas special. This time next year we will be watching episodes of that new Doctor and Clara if she decides to stick around. I wish Matt well and thank him for his great performances.


Bring on Team Tardis! Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook are Going To Blow Up with the series premiere of Doctor Who on Saturday. The Excitement starts on BBC America at 12:00 AM where they will running a marathon of the specials that have aired this summer and each episode of last season, leading up to the premiere at 9:00 PM. Of course I will be blogging along the way. Sadly we will begin the Ponds farewell voyages. Exciting things are coming though. I can’t wait.