I’m an Android Guy


Thanks to Google and the open source community for the work on the Android operating system. It has made a difference in the computing and mobile technology sectors. Worldwide it’s the most popular platform.

Android powers my phone and tablet. I can do what I need to do with those two devices such as social media, blogging, image management, e-commerce, news and information gathering. Apps are a big deal and more apps are being built for mobile, laptop and tablets. It’s cool to see the advances and new things to come.


I just bought my first tablet.

This is an Acer Iconia B with 7" display and 8 gig of storage. Its reconditioned and that’s OK. I also bought a keyboard case to go with it too. Looking forward to getting it sometime next week. 

Tablet Shopping


I am looking for an inexpensive Android tablet. Shopping for this has been like finding a needle in a hay stack. My specs are a 8 inch display, 1ghz processor with Android 4.X and expandable storage for under $80. I am sure something will come along. There are a lot of options.