Regret: Our Cell Phone Service


There are all sorts of regret. But tonight I want to talk about the poor service, poor reception and poor phone we have with T-Mobile. We feel its one of the biggest mistakes we have made. We should have been more patient last year when we did this. You live, learn and all that other jazz.


Text Trouble


Text messaging is a vital part of communication. When its not working for you it can be a major inconvenience. We are having problems with our phones receiving texts. Its a minor problem in the grand scheme of things but when you pay so much a month you want everything to work as it should. We will get through.

T-Mobile Phone Dilemma


We have been struggling with our T-Mobile phones for awhile now. Both Laura’s and my handsets would restart without us doing a thing, applications would load with out us touching the screen. The reception was problematic in our neighborhood. All these problems led us to call customer service and technical support.

Tatiana, a tech support agent helped us troubleshoot our problems. She did great job talking us through settings and seeing what could be done to resolve our issues. Eventually we had to do a factory reset of our phones and we won’t be running any apps like Instagram, Evernote or FourSquare for a few days.

There seems to be a reception issue in our part of town and they promise it will be looked into within three days. Its been a frustrating time with our mobile phones but we are trying to make it work.

Land-line Phones, Always Reliable


Say what you will about land-line telephones but I will say that its way more reliable than your mobile. I also think its worth the added expense. There are phone lines in areas where there is zero cell service. You can also make unlimited calls with the exception of long distance which in some places there is still a charge especially for overseas calls. We have our local power provider as our cable, phone and Internet provider along with T-Mobile as our cell provider. Our land-line phone is rock solid, time tested technology.