It’s Snow Superstitious!

To support my wife’s desire for snow tonight I am wearing my pajamas inside out. It sounds kind of silly but a friend of ours holds stock in this superstition. Our friend also says to flush ice cubes down the toilet and sleep with a spoon under our pillow. We will do whatever it takes to get some white stuff. 

Chain Letters, Everything Old Is New Again


I am watching an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” and Deputy Barney Fife is having a dilemma over a chain letter. People are giving him grief over sending it so it won’t be bad luck. Chain letters still exist in a new form known as spam email. It’s a reminder that old school evolves into new school all the time. I for one have never responded to a spam letter or a chain letter for that matter. Superstitions can get the best of us when it comes to chain letters and spam. However we can be smart about it.