Watching Through Others


Sometimes the best way to watch a TV program is through the eyes of people who actually watch a program you don’t. Case in point “The Bachelor” which I have only watched one season but I can’t imagine it being as horrible as this latest season that has finished. Some of the comments from friends have been harsh, probably because it was warranted. This Juan Pablo guy was not the greatest choice and he came across as a jerk.

The reactions of people who do watch a show are sometimes more entertaining than me just watching it myself. Being emotionally invested in any show can spur on some great conversation.

I tried “The Walking Dead” but I couldn’t get past the gore of it all. “Game of Thrones” was interesting to read about when there was a blood bath at the end of last season. “The Following” has its own devout fan base too and I know a fellow blogger who loves it. “Supernatural” is a show that is lived out by some in real life I am convinced.

Watching a live blog or live tweet about a show can be a great way to share the experience of a show with others. Of course the best way is dialogue with someone in the same room as you. However some folks have interesting comments.

Of course there are shows I watch that some people don’t get and that is OK. We all have unique personalities that attract us to things that are different from the rest. That’s why watching through others is so much fun.

A Fandom Call To Action


If people in fandoms would donate their time to local organizations that need help they could be real superheroes. Just think of all the good you could do. It would be a Supernatural way to heal the world like The Doctor and its no Sherlock mystery that it would change the Community and the world. Think of it as Cosplay for a cause. People of the world would sing with Glee your praises.