My Story of Loss


I lost my grandmother in September so I have felt loss recently. I have chosen to help others through their losses so we can grieve together. God has helped me through it although I am still mourning. Loss hurts and when its someone you love dearly then the pain is very real.

Even people who have family members who are sick have struggles to go through and my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s impacted me and helped make me more sensitive to the plight of others.

My grandmother is not the first person I have lost in my life but she is the one person I have felt the most grief over because she had a serious impact on my life. Death is something we all face but we have a choice to make the best of it or just let our struggles impair us from having some joy through it all.

So in the light of the loss I encourage people to talk about it, blog about it, share their stories. We owe it to one another to be there. It connects us as a human family.


From Pain to Change


It’s OK to be frustrated, to hurt, to feel pain…then there comes a time when you turn those feelings and emotions around to create lasting, positive change in your life. Don’t be mired in life’s hurts and turmoil because it’s not how we were designed to live. You have to move forward and do things differently. There are people out there who are doing amazing things because they don’t want others to experience what they went through. Today’s pain can be the call to change tomorrow.

Tuesday’s are Challenging


It seems that there have been a lot of people challenged today. In my house we have been tested too on this project we are working on. We are all frustrated and frazzled. All I can say is we are in it together and to hang in there (sorry to be cliche’) but words can sometimes be the only thing you can say or do. Hard work, hard lives, hard times are felt by everyone. Be strong good people.