Rambling About The Struggle


Whatever you are struggling with these days know you can beat it. Keep on task, get help when you need it and breathe. Don’t forget to take care of yourself body and spirit in the process. Winston Churchill once said if you are going through hell keep on going. Struggle can reveal character too. You can do this! Hang in there my friends. The struggle is indeed real but you can rise above it.


The Workers Struggle Is Real


Even the best of workers struggle. I am good at my job (I say that with humility) but today has been tough. We are close to a goal and I am not pulling my weight. It’s important for me to do my best and even be the best. Perhaps It is one of those days my mamma said would be like this…or something like that. 

A Note Of Support


To everyone going through something, and everyone is you are not alone. Whether it be a job loss, personal stuff, family drama and the like people all over are in this with you. Even if you don’t believe in a higher power believe me God is in your corner. No one should ever go through something alone. Bless you all and hang in there. Peace and Love good people.