Nichelle Nichols (born Grace Dell Nichols on December 28, 1932) is an American actress, singer and voice artist. She sang with Duke Ellington andLionel Hampton before turning to acting. Her most famous role is that of communications officer Lieutenant Uhura aboard the USS Enterprise in the popular Star Trek television series (1966-1969),


Leonard Nimoy for many is a science fiction icon who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek both in the original TV show and in motion pictures. Spock was a iconic character who represented intelligence, diversity and more importantly logic. He inspired many to pursue science and to live long and prosper. Mr. Spock, boldly go. Leonard Nimoy thank you for the memories. 


My Fandom’s – I am a fanboy just like the next dude. My favorite science fiction shows are Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and The Terminator. These programs have captured my imagination over the years. They are shows that are personal and family favorites.

Star Trek: Into Darkness – A Really Great Ride


Well my friends, JJ Abrams does it again. I thought Star Trek: Into Darkness was a thrill ride that had a lot of nods to The Wrath of Khan, but  with his normal twist on the original. The whole crew was back and brought some great performances. Action, sadness, madness and love drove this second movie in the reboot. Friends. Benedict Cumberbatch was an awesome villain. Kirk and Spock’s relationship grew in this movie and there was a great message of courage and self sacrifice that everyone could grow from. I am glad we finally got to see the movie, Now we will have to see what’s next. Mr. Abrams has cemented himself as the new king of science fiction. He has another big movie coming up in a year or so.