Happy Spring 2015 Everyone! It has finally sprung. Enjoy the season good people. 


Fall Finals and Graduations


Many college students are taking their fall finals at this time and I hope the very best for them as they prepare to take those exams. I remember those days very well.

I graduated in the Spring from Hiwassee College in 1992 with an associates degree. In the Fall of 1994 I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with my bachelors. So I have done both major seasonal graduations. I kind of like fall better.

So to all those preparing for a next semester or the next chapter of your lives may you have peace and grace for the days to come.. God bless.


Happy First Day of Spring 2013 – The winter we had was really weird. Some days felt Spring-like while others were really cold. The season is about renewal and life. Flowers bloom, trees bud, animals and people come out of their “caves”. Its a really good time of year. Enjoy the season. 

The Weather Report


The weather seems to have cooled off. I am enjoying the cool nights and the normal spring temps. Its like we bypassed winter altogether. A friend still thinks it could still snow but we will have to see. Our pollen count here is high because of all the plants and flowers blooming. That has some people feeling kind of sickly.

Its helping keep our power consumption down which is saving us money. We do need some rain here in the Chattanooga area. Perhaps it will come next week sometime.