Fellow blogger dj-elevated-poet asks this question…

With so many professional sports, eras and great teams…is it truly safe to announce a “greatest player?” Example: Michael Jordan is universally acknowledged as the best basketball player ever but you have other players with such credentials and accolades. Can you have a greatest player?

My answer to this that there are athletes that are so good they transcend their sport into the greater culture. Of course stats measure greatness in one way but that doesn’t always tell the story. Tom Brady has more Super Bowl Rings than Peyton Manning but is he better overall than Manning. Then you have Babe Ruth vs. Hank Aaron, they played in different eras under different conditions. Aaron passed up Ruth as the home run king in Baseball. I think there are subjective and objective ways to discuss who is the greatest at anything. 


Stuart Scott


In hearing about Stuart Scott the longtime ESPN anchor who passed away today from cancer one thing he did was to do things differently. He made his own mark on SportsCenter and inspired others to follow in his footsteps. He was himself and he was an original. The world needs more people who dare to be different, courageous and to bring something unique to the world. The last time I checked God didn’t make carbon copies. Rest in Peace, Stuart.

Athletes In The Headlines


I am seeing a lot of athletes in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Granted these folks are human and make mistakes but some of their actions are puzzling and sad. The fans I am sad for are kids who look up to athletes as their heroes.

Pro athletes are people like any of us, however they are still held to a higher standard because of their role in society. These folks are role models, whether they want to assume that title or not. I have had athletes I have looked up to when I was a boy but now I see something different.

Athletes are humans and we should give them some grace but they need to be responsible and mature people too. Friends each of us has a responsibility to be a role model for those in our lives who need someone in their lives for guidance and inspiration.


March Madness Is Coming!

It’s that time for the NCAA Basketball Tournament which is better known as “March Madness”. Teams from around the country are wondering where they will be playing and if they will be playing. Above is a bracket that people will fill out and try to see if they can predict who will win at each stage of the tourney. It’s always an interesting time in American athletics.

My Sports Saturday


I have watched Manchester United beat Crystal Palace 2-0 in Premier League Football/Soccer play and now I am watching my alma mater Middle Tennessee State University play Marshall University in hoops. The last couple of weeks I have watched the Olympics. Yeah, sometimes I wanna check out some sports not as gender cliche’ but there is something about the drama of it all.


The Chattanooga Mocs vs. Wofford Terriers – November 9, 2013

The Mocs win 20-10 and clinch a share of the Southern Conference football title at home. It was a great day of football on the south side of downtown Chattanooga. 

Nerds/Geeks Can Enjoy Sports Too


I am a believer that Nerds/Geeks can enjoy sports too. Its the thrill of human competition and there’s lots of sociology, physics, physical science and fun to be had. Just look at the places where sports takes place, arenas and stadiums are full of architecture, design, art and organization. Much of what you see at a sporting event takes place because of technology and old fashioned tradition. My wife has a great point about statistics too…that’s math and patterns folks. So get your geek on and cheer for the home team.