Tumblr, a spoiler rich environment


Spoilers abound all over the Tumblr community for everything. Its just one thing to deal with here. 

Spoilers, Sweetie…


Spoilers can ruin everything…or can they. Spoilers can provide a level of interest and can make you want to tune into a program to see how they got there. We know some spoilers to Downton Abbey but we are going to watch it with a spirit of surprise. Like River Song in Doctor Who we shouldn’t want to know too much about the future. It could very well change our present and how we do things.

Spoilers Sweetie


People who invest themselves in stories, movies and TV shows love what they love. Sometimes this means wanting to find out whats happening next. Spoilers have a way of satisfying that need to know with immediate gratification. What happened to being patient, letting things come in time. People will scour the Internet asking friends what they have heard and that info finds its way to the masses and ruins it for the rest of us. There are people that monitor social media to see if anyone is saying anything about their favorites.

During the Olympics Twitter kind of spoiled results for those who wanted to watch in prime time. Doctor Who fans are trying to find out everything they can about the series debut.

There is something to be said about anticipation and waiting for the next episode, the next movie or the next release. Spoilers can be a little fun but for some it can be annoying.