The Thing About Yoga


On Thursdays I do a Yoga class at my church (yes Yoga in a church) and it has helped me stretch and get some exercise. There is something about clearing your head and letting someone else have control. Of course it takes you some time to get used to the practice of it all. As a believer in Christ it’s much the same thing. Clearing my heart and head and letting Him in to help me go through the exercise that is life can make me a better person. Being stretched in faith is like being stretched in Yoga, there are some challenges. However when you get the hang of it your life can change for the better. So Yoga at Church isn’t such a bad thing.


The Good Stuff, Eating What Fills You Mind, Body and Spirit


Doritos are those chips that you can keep eating and eating. They are not the best thing for you though. Unlike other foods like apples that fill you up after just one. There’s something about “real food” that can satisfy you and has other health benefits.

A lesson I have yet to fully learn considering I am not a big fan of fruit in its raw form. But that’s for another post.

In Church we talked about a story in the Bible where God called his people to drink and eat food that satisfies and to do work that is meaningful and real. So much of what we are eating these days really doesn’t fill us up. We have an appetite for things that are not filling our spirit. Paying attention to God can give you the food for thought to keep you going forever. My pastor even brought everyone some fruit to take home. You saw a picture of apples from a previous post.

There is a new emphasis on eating local and seasonally from real food. It makes sense to do so because every place is different. We have food from our homeland that just satisfies us like fried chicken or enchiladas or lobster. Its that coming home that satisfies our soul.

We rely upon virtual conversations through a phone or a computer. Social networks like Facebook have replaced being in community with people in person. Those conversations are sponsored by advertisers and other things that can distract us. I am guilty of that.  It used to be we would sit on a porch at someones house and enjoy a beverage plus conversation about the days events. Some folks will text each other from across the table instead of talking.

Perhaps we need to seek what’s real. If its faith then go for it. Philosophy has some good wisdom. Music, poetry, books have wisdom of the ages to draw from. Eating local where your food is grown in your community can fill your body and nourish your soul. There is something to be said about the real, the good, the right stuff. Its goodness that will help you grow as a person.

Whatever fills your soul, fill it with the real things of life to give you a boost to your spirit.

(This post is inspired by my morning at church including Pastor Amy’s sermon)