Free To Express


Everyone should have a place where they can go to express their thoughts and feelings without fear. To me its a great freedom many enjoy because they live in a free and open society. As we know some are banned from freedom of speech because of political and social reasons.

Its my hope that blogging can foster discussion and dialogue between people of different views and thoughts. Although it can cause more conflict than is desired and that is very frustrating. 

Wherever you are I hope you feel free to have your say, your way. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Hate Speech


Satire and joking is one thing but when that turns into poisonous, hate filled comments about people one does not know or understands then that’s another thing. If one cannot say something positive or uplifting to and about someone that goes above what free speech is to be intended for, give up your social media accounts, delete your blogs and just shut up. There are a lot of struggling people out there who are suffering with low self esteem and just trying to make it day to day. Leaving comments that hurt people doesn’t make you smart it makes you a mean bully.

Think then Speak


Today I was reminded that I should think, then speak. Sometimes I get carried away and kid around too much. Joking about folks problems even in a well meaning way can be hurtful. I would like to think I am a nice guy but I am a human being and there are moments when I make mistakes by speaking too much. Often times its best not to say anything. God, forgive me when I hurt others, help me be a better person for my family and the world.