Spam with Mac and Cheese on Flickr.

This is a meal we have had many times. It is good when money is tight. To me it holds some happy memories. Spam is a delicacy in Hawaii by the way. We call it “steak and pasta”.


Chain Letters, Everything Old Is New Again


I am watching an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” and Deputy Barney Fife is having a dilemma over a chain letter. People are giving him grief over sending it so it won’t be bad luck. Chain letters still exist in a new form known as spam email. It’s a reminder that old school evolves into new school all the time. I for one have never responded to a spam letter or a chain letter for that matter. Superstitions can get the best of us when it comes to chain letters and spam. However we can be smart about it.

Tumblr Spam


I think the folks at Tumblr need to go after spam sites…really they are a nuisance and are a waste of server space and bandwidth. We all hate these sites that are nothing but dodgy marketing schemes. Just saying.

Spam on Tumblr and Elsewhere


Yes friends Tumblr is not immune to spam…I am not talking about the canned meat you get at the store. Spam sites are kind of a nuisance where they will follow you and all you see on there is a bunch of re-blogs and ads on the top margin, sidebar and bottom margin. What I do is block them. I want people who are actually blogging to follow me and I want to follow people who have something to say.

Spam is a universal problem of the Internet which needs to be stopped. E-mail spam is still an issue and most providers have installed great filtering technology so we have meaningful communications in our in-boxes. These messages can lead to sites that can do damage to your computers or other devices. Its also like a fly that you want to swat.