Writing For The Social Masses


I wonder if social media, texting and other forms of electronic communications have impacted our writing quality? It seems like it to me because of the shorthand and abbreviations that are used. We write for short lengths and have to get our point across sooner or else we lose the attention of our audience. We are writing more for the social masses which means we sometimes forget what we learned in our writing classes. What is your experience with this?


In 3D


When you see someone you know in person but mostly see them online its interesting. Today I saw a friend at the grocery store in the dairy section that I knew from middle and high school but we see each other on Facebook. Social media is a great thing but to tell you the truth seeing them in person is a very nice change. Exchanging greetings and physical contact is a great change. So meeting someone in 3D is very good, very real. 

The Need For Real Connections


Many of us have hundreds if not thousands of connections on Tumblr, Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I ask when was the last time we made connections for real like having coffee or having a meal together. I am guilty of not meeting with people in person more too.

There are times when its just more convenient and safer to connect online. However we have lost some of the skills needed in other parts of life when we just leave it up to technology and social networking to make connections possible. Granted many of our friends live in other places so the only time we can visit is online.

It could be that we are too busy or we say we are too busy so we don’t have to actually make an effort. There is something to be said for a front porch of a house where neighbors will congregate to enjoy company and all that goes with it like food, drink and music.

People need real people, don’t you think?

Get Away From It All, Cyber Style


I know I am not the most qualified person to say this but every so often fellow bloggers it’s good to get away from your blog, social media, computer, tablet, phone. I am not always good at that, but when I do it inspires me to be a better blogger and social media contributor. Living a life worth blogging about can have some great positive effects. Getting away from it all in the cyber sense is a very positive thing to do.

An Amazing Thing, This Technology


We have a Keurig coffee brewing system that we got last Christmas. This morning it was not brewing at all, so that problem had to be fixed.

I went on YouTube to see if there was any information other people had with their Keurig’s and lo and behold I found a video that helped guide me through the process of fixing it. Using a paper clip I was able to unclog the injector needle and then ran some water through it to do a deeper cleaning.

This is what’s good and right about the Internet. People providing solutions for other people when something is not working right. Now some solutions can lead to more problems but with enough research you can find a remedy for most things.

YouTube among other sites is a great way to find out the common experiences of other people who want to lend a hand. I think its valuable to have a resource at your fingertips that can help you through life. It’s an amazing thing to have technology like this. Lets hope it never falls into the hands of people who seek to do nefarious things.

Following and “Stalking”


I appreciate following and “stalking” fellow bloggers across different channels of social networking. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other sites are great ways to be connected. Sometimes it feels like good natured “stalking” but its a good way to keep in touch and see what we are all up to online. These connections can be about creativity and sharing in different ways. Keep on blogging and connecting good people.