People are Priorities


If in this country entertainers, athletes, businessmen and the like can get paid millions of dollars certainly we can house, feed and clothe the poor. When sports teams get new stadiums every 20 years or so it seems maybe we can build permanent shelter for the extreme poor in this country. I think our national and sometimes personal priorities are out of wack. The suffering of people should be more important than what happens on a TV show next. Yes I get wrapped up in fiction but the reality of our world is that there are many in all parts of the world going without the basics of life. Sorry but not sorry to be on a soap box today.


Share An Opinion…Expect A Response


Blogging and other social media provides a platform to share your views and feelings on a wide array of topics. As a fellow blogger said you take a chance when you climb up on the social soapbox to share your heart and mind. You have to be aware there are others who will disagree with you and won’t be afraid to give it back to you. Politics, religion, fandoms are all hot button issues that you find on Tumblr and you won’t always have a friendly audience. The key here is a respectful discourse and healthy dialogue to come to an understanding. Agree or disagree its a personal thing. Be good to your fellow bloggers. Keep on blogging.