The Chattanooga snow panic checklist |


Chattanoogans felt the season’s first serious cold snap this week, and with it came news of our first possible snowfall. The fact that the snow was characterized as only a chance of flurries by local meteorologists is of no importance. The Tennessee Valley takes its snow very seriously, whether it is in blizzard form or invisible.

(We here in Chattanooga are not always cool in the chaos of winter weather. You who aren’t from these parts will get a kick out of this)

The Chattanooga snow panic checklist |

The Chattanooga Snow of January 28, 2013


Today’s snow in Chattanooga was a total surprise. I don’t think anyone anticipated the type of snow we are getting today. Our temperatures are in the teens to low 20’s right now. The current forecast has us expecting about an inch and currently we have about half an inch. Current accumulation will just freeze overnight which will impact a lot of people.

A local weather forecaster has suggested that schools cancel for tomorrow. Roads around here are treacherous with cars overturned and a lot of sliding around. My wife came home early which was a smart move on behalf of her employer. This should be a interesting day. Stay safe people wherever you are.


It’s Snowing in Chattanooga as of 10:30 AM.

Weather Update


It’s very clear outside with a very radiant Sun. The temperature as I write this is 18 degrees and the windchill is about 13 or so. The lack of warmth is being made up for by the Sun doing some melting of the snow and ice that has accumulated. Can’t wait for it to warm up again.

It’s Cold For Tennessee


It’s really cold for us here in the south. This morning it is 19 degrees and it won’t get past freezing so the forecast says. The windchill makes it feel much colder.

It’s a day to stay in if one can or remember to bundle up as you head outdoors.

We got snow last night but nowhere near what our neighbors to the north got. The northeast got hammered with some amazing snowfall. Only a few times in my life have we gotten snow that rivals what they see in places like Maine, New York and Massachusetts. 

No matter where you are be safe, stay warm. Allow time to get where you need to go. 


It’s Snow Superstitious!

To support my wife’s desire for snow tonight I am wearing my pajamas inside out. It sounds kind of silly but a friend of ours holds stock in this superstition. Our friend also says to flush ice cubes down the toilet and sleep with a spoon under our pillow. We will do whatever it takes to get some white stuff.