I am a snorer. My snoring at night can be a problem for those in my house and that is not good. Some nights I snore louder than others and at times I don’t snore at all. There are some remedies I have researched to help alleviate the problem. Hydration, no alcohol, pillow adjustment, weight loss, sleeping on my side and even a body pillow can help it out.

At some point I will have to have a sleep study done and a CPAP machine might be needed. Until then any other suggestions to keep my snoring at bay would be good. What do you recommend?


The Problem With Web Searches


How come web searches now look like more ways to get you to see ads. I know its all about search engine optimization and that sort of thing. All one wants to do is get the best information on their topic without having to wade through the irrelevant stuff or sites that look nice until you realize they are nothing but ways to sell you stuff you really don’t need. Back in the early days of Yahoo it was much easier to find something on the topic you wanted because then humans had more control over how searches were presented and sites curated.

All I wanna know more about is how to alleviate a snoring issue. Should be easy enough but nope.