I am a snorer. My snoring at night can be a problem for those in my house and that is not good. Some nights I snore louder than others and at times I don’t snore at all. There are some remedies I have researched to help alleviate the problem. Hydration, no alcohol, pillow adjustment, weight loss, sleeping on my side and even a body pillow can help it out.

At some point I will have to have a sleep study done and a CPAP machine might be needed. Until then any other suggestions to keep my snoring at bay would be good. What do you recommend?


I don’t sleep well at night anymore. But I can sure dream. I am a person of vision and hope. My wish for my family, friends, church and community is to be the best they can be. 



Sleep is elusive to many in the 21st century. Everyone is wired these days. Too much going on and too many stimulants readily available. Our souls and conscious minds are heavy too. Sleep is awesome when you can get it. Six hours of shut eye would be good, maybe more. Have peace y’all.