Coffee Social


Sometimes I wonder, would some of my followers have coffee with me? Can you imagine a bunch of Tumblr users sitting around a table making real conversations face to face. I hope none of us have forgotten how to be social without the social networks. Would we be able to put down our phones long enough. My wife thinks I am a little addicted to my smartphone and she is right. The question is, would you want to be in the company of people you have only known through blog posts?


Glendale Tourist Court – 2 miles north of Chattanooga on Tennessee No. 27 (Hwy 27) and U.S. No 37 at foot of scenic Signal Mountain to 20 new modern brick cottages. All hotel accommodations at camp prices. Cafe, service station.

I have been driving and riding by this my whole life. I never knew it looked like this. These days its less modern and not quite the same as the picture above. It made sense to have something like this back in the day on a major highway. This picture hangs in Shuford’s BBQ at the foot of Signal Mountain.