Completely Surreal Photos Of America’s Abandoned Malls


An inside look at nine abandoned malls. There is nothing creepier and more fascinating.

It’s interesting how things have changed in retail. Going to the mall was a big deal. Not only were malls a place of shopping but a place to eat and gather with friends. You can still do that in some areas but things have definitely changed. Now people are likely to shop online or in open air shopping centers.

Completely Surreal Photos Of America’s Abandoned Malls


Small Business Saturday on Chattanooga’s North Shore

Today we ventured out for breakfast and to do some shopping in some great places on the Northshore of Chattanooga. Each Saturday after Thanksgiving is designated as Small Business Saturday which is a national initiative of American Express to promote shopping in small businesses and stores. Much of our economy is driven by small businesses, so its important to support them. We are glad to put our money into local establishments because these people invest their lives and treasure into providing goods and services to their neighbors and friends.

Today we visited these fabulous establishments…

  • Longhorn Restaurant
  • Chattanooga’s Julie Darling Donuts
  • Bone Appetit
  • Winder Binder/Chad’s Records
  • Blue Sky
  • River City Apparel 
  • Go Fish
  • Good Dog

The Christmas spirit is in full swing here in the Scenic City. It was great to be out and about today.

Happy Black Friday Or Something Like That


Right now millions of shoppers are out at the malls and big box stores fighting to get some great deals. Many have camped outside retailers for days in anticipation of this morning. They are shopping for electronics, toys, clothes and the like. In yesterdays newspaper there were ads with all sorts of door busting deals just for the taking. You have to time it out to be there for the best shot of a bargain.

I hope there will be safety in the chaos and that no one will get into a fight over a TV or a tablet. Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year so it isn’t for the feint of heart. In the past there have been reports of injuries of people rushing into a store.

Today, I will be at home and glad not to be in all that mess. Best wishes to those who are.


Keeping Thanksgiving About Family, Not Bargains

As the Christmas creep seems to be getting worse, many retailers are opening on Thanksgiving evening to beat the competition to the punch and to get shoppers in their doors. What this is doing is infringing on their workers ability to celebrate the holiday as has been done for years.

I like the spirit of the person who made the above graphic. 

Retailers need to be held accountable for their actions. Keeping customers and workers at home for a few more hours won’t break the bank. There are plenty of shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. 

This says a lot about our national priorities. Getting the best deal possible as soon as possible seems sad to me. I am old fashioned when it comes to spending time with family and loved ones during the holiday’s. Lets stop this chaos.


BREAKING NEWS! – Christmas is SIX MONTHS away! Shop like there is no tomorrow everyone!

Cashiers at Wal-Mart


Tonight at Wal-Mart we did some shopping. There were 4 lines available for checkout. I want to thank the young woman who helped us tonight because she was highly busy all day and wouldn’t get off until 11am. Staffing for the weekends is hard and I know from my days in customer service when people would call out “sick”. Changes need to be made but I don’t know what those are.