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I love me some Sherlock and Joan.


“Elementary” Is My Favorite Holmes


I have come to the conclusion I like Jonny Lee Miller better as Sherlock Holmes more than I do Benedict Cumberbatch. This might shock a lot of people out there but I just think Miller has a great grasp on a modern interpretation of the character. Lucy Liu as Watson is quite good too and has proven worthy of the role. Martin Freeman is good in Sherlock but I think Liu is more dimensional.

Overall, Elementary has shown its a great show and is finding its stride. Sherlock has the problem of only giving us a handful of episodes without a reliable program schedule.  I understand the BBC works a little differently than CBS but the commitment of the cast of Elementary is going to take it far.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Sherlock. It is intriguing and fun. However I just think Elementary has a better future for it.


About Joan Watson of “Elementary”


The new CBS interpretation of Sherlock Holmes called “Elementary” is going to be a good show. It requires an open mind though because instead of “John Watson” its “Joan Watson”. We live in the 21st century and ya see these stories were written when there was a male dominated society. Men seemed to run the world and it was the culture of the time. Martin Freeman is a great actor and does a great job on “Sherlock” however Lucy Liu who is a very good actress by the way will give a great preformance in her role as Joan. Women are half the population now and run corporations and the like so why are we holding on to such a rigid adherence to the traditional portrayal. Give this show a chance. Jonny Lee Miller will make his mark in the history of this very old character.


Elementary – Is an American take on the Sherlock Holmes story. Johnny Lee Miller stars as Sherlock Holmes and former Charlie’s Angel Lucy Liu portrays Dr. Joan Watson. I am going to watch this show with an open mind. Sherlock fans are used to Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman portray the consummate contemporary take on the Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries and I think there will be something they will like about this series.