Commentary on 50 Shades


I am looking forward to the new movie Fifty Shades of Lamps, its going to be enlightening and illuminating. 

Seriously the movie “50 Shades of Grey” is overhyped and contrived. It reminds me of the movie “Indecent Proposal” from back in the day. I think romance, sex and more importantly love deserve a better platform than this. Women deserve to be treated better in books, film and in life and this film and this book isn’t helping matters. 

I have been told I won’t be missing anything and I am glad. 


Rambling About Satire


I think satire is needed in most everything in life with some exceptions. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism and its needed to keep people and institutions in check and to perhaps spark change when needed. There are things in life that need to be seen in the mirror of a fun house so we can gain new perspective. Anytime you poke at sacred cows there is a risk but its worth taking sometimes.

Things you can depend on




Apple trotting out a new version of their iPhone with accessories every year (well it seems like every year)

People waiting in line for days for said Apple devices in all sorts of weather

The sun rising, but that isn’t as exciting as shopping for apps on your new iPhone

Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff


I am reading Jon Acuff’s book “Stuff Christians Like” which pokes fun at Christianity in a way that is good natured. Both the book and its companion blog takes a satirical look of how the faith has become a little cliche in many ways. Christians have sacred cows that they cling to and Acuff does a good job of pointing them out in a humorous way.

Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff