This salad is what I call the deconstructed Big Mac. There is a hamburger patty chopped up with croutons, cheese, romaine lettuce and pickle. Thousand island is mimicking the special sauce. Everything you would find in a Big Mac with just a few twists.


Dinner Tonight, Taco Salad Tuesday!


On the menu is taco salad. A classic deconstructed taco in the form of a salad. Taco meat and lettuce on a bed of tortilla chips. With cheese, salsa and sour cream to finish it off. This is a great Tuesday night supper. After all its Taco Tuesday!

Dinner Tonight – Taco Salad


We are having taco salad for dinner tonight. Thursdays are about salads and eating somewhat lighter. Our salad will consist of tortilla chips, lettuce, meat, re-fried beans (for me), cheese, salsa and sour cream. This is a commitment to eating in more to save some money.