Everyone should be a fan of our men and women in uniform. These are real people who offer a real sacrifice. Freedom is not free and some pay a high price so that we can enjoy everything our country provides.

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Simplicity, Worth Achieving


Lives in the 21st century have become very complex. Our lives are run by all sorts of things from the calendar to our possessions. Our values are reflected in what’s important to us. Our lives are measured by our position and what we earn. So many people are looking to keep up with the Jones’ that they will sacrifice whatever to make that happen. Consumption is up, incomes are down and even jobs are scarce. There are reasons for all those things but assigning blame isn’t going to really solve anything, it will just make people mad and cause conflict. 

Simplicity in living would make a great change in our world. Simplicity is a powerful word. Relying less on material things and holding the ones we love closer to us would be great. Everyone is guilty of wanting the next big thing from cars to cell phones to homes and clothes. Making do with with what we have is what our ancestors did. Necessity is the mother of invention. Simplicity can take some thought and discipline. Doing without is something generations of families did without problem. Today its easy to get whatever you want because its becoming easier. 

Coming together as a community, pooling resources, sacrificing and exercising hospitality are all things that can improve life for everyone. Not being selfish and learning to love unconditionally are two areas where people can improve their lives. 

Having faith in God or a higher power means taking some of the decision making out of ones hands. That isn’t easy because people have to have control over everything. I pray that the global community can regain a sense of simplicity and that the old school values that carried us through two world wars and our post 9-11 era will return. Its my hope that people will love and lay aside the drama that has fractured our world. It sounds like a heavenly goal, a utopian dream but its anything worth doing will take some faith and some elbow grease.