Rom Com’s, This Dude Likes Them


I love me a good romantic comedy or rom-com, chick flick and the like. Really its about the story of people working through issues on the way to a relationship or at least we hope. As I get older I want movies that are “beautiful”, have meaning and show humanity as being something better than we see it in real life. I am also a sentimental old fool who is an idealist. Some movies are about blowing people up, lets bring people together. Let love win the day.


To Everyone On Valentine’s Day


Thursday is Valentine’s Day and for many it’s a time of love and romance. Some will have a different experience. To those who will be celebrating it alone I want you to know that you are special and that you are loved.

You have value and someday you will find that someone who will knock your socks off. It will be hard to spend this day seeing other people happy but just because you aren’t with someone make you feel less than worthy.

It could be you are going through a breakup with someone you thought you would spend your life with. Love can be complicated but you should deserve nothing but the best. A relationship like a job should never define who you are. I think people are better than that.

Be counter to the day. Listen to breakup tunes and watch movies that are not romantic. Write a blog post. Eat all the chocolate you want and remember to be yourself.

Hang in there and know that God does love everyone.