Remember To Laugh


In our very serious world today we cannot forget to laugh. As Robin Williams and Joan Rivers are remembered for their ability to make people laugh we must learn to not take things so seriously that we forget we are humans. No matter what we are going through there is always humor out there to help us feel better about It. Smile so the world will smile with you. Whatever makes your heart feel better seek that out. Laugh, sing, celebrate and love!

Mean, Online


I heard today that one of Robin Williams’ daughters had to leave social media because she was being bullied/trolled by people on the Internet in the wake of her father’s passing. My friends there is zero excuse for that sort of behavior. Mean spirited comments are never good in the first place and especially in the wake of someone’s family passing away. It amazes me how nasty people can get, but then again it doesn’t surprise me. So many good people are impacted by the stupidity of some who have nothing better to do than to make fun, abuse and do horrible things. The web can be a place of peace if its citizens will allow it.

A Commentary


Somehow the passing of Robin Williams is different than other celebrities deaths. He seemed to be very real, very flawed, very human. His ability to make people laugh was a true gift. Lets no forget to find the humor in things today. Laugh, love and most importantly live.

Be Good, Even On A Tuesday


Be good to yourselves, your friends, your neighbors, everyone. Give those who are crying out a helping hand. No one in this live should bear the burdens of their hearts and souls entirely alone. Give yourself a break today, don’t be hard on yourself. Let go of the stupid stuff that makes your life difficult. Have some joy even in times of struggle. Have faith in things bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us. Make today something different, something better. Free yourselves for joyful participation in the good things of life. You are loved today.


Chris and Annie Nielsen’s children are both killed, and then a few years later Chris himself dies in an accident. Chris goes to heaven, a place built of his imagination, and the paintings he loved in life. He discovers from an angel that Annie has committed suicide, as she is bereft without her family. Chris determines to search for her, but as he has gone to heaven and she to hell, he must endure great hardships to find her.

(This is my favorite performance of his. This is a great movie of what life in the eternal could be for each of us)

Rest In Peace Robin Williams


Comedy can be a window into the soul and for some folks its a dark place. Laughing can be a way to deal with what makes ones heart ache. For Robin Williams he must have had some things that he couldn’t beat. He is one of my generations leading actors/comedians. I can’t believe he is gone but he will never be forgotten.