Character Assassination, Part 2


I hate when TV writers think its best for storytelling when they have to lay waste to the “permanent” cast members of a TV show. Russell T. Davies pretty much torched Torchwood. Then tonight the writers and producers of “Revolution” got rid of two beloved characters in the season finale and this seasons premiere. We invest our hearts and minds in these people and when they go its not cool. TV characters are like family and such so its just frustrating. Rory and Amy Pond of Doctor Who are like that too. This is not the first time I have written on this subject but it seems relevant tonight. 


The New TV Season Begins Tonight!

Like the changing of seasons the 2013-2014 TV campaign starts in earnest tonight. Some shows made their debut last week but we will see new episodes from our favorite shows beginning today. There isn’t a lot of new shows I am looking forward too but I am excited to see some returning favorites. There will be some serious changes to shows like NCIS as Ziva is leaving, while others continue their stories such as Revolution when the lights turned on. We get to meet the mother on How I Met Your Mother and will Kate say yes to Rick on Castle? It looks like Charlie Harper had a daughter on Two and a Half Men. It’s going to be a interesting season. 

What do you look forward to seeing the most, what stories intrigue you, are you excited about what’s ahead?

JJ Abrams Directing Star Wars


Well now, this is a very interesting development. JJ Abrams directing Star Wars will be interesting. He is one of the greatest sci-fi storytellers of our generation. He did great things for Star Trek and he gave us “Lost”, “Alias”, “Fringe” and “Revolution” so he has the resume and qualifications to lead The Force into the future.

I am wondering if he will have Chewbacca in a hatch, entering a code so that an island won’t blow up….just something to ponder.