A Blast From The Past That Went Bust


Today at lunch I went to a restaurant I hadn’t been to in 12 years. I used to go to this Chinese buffet regularly when I worked nearby. Today while I was in the area I decided to have a visit.

Well it just wasn’t the same. It didn’t look the same and the food was frankly sub-par to what I remember. I love sesame chicken and this place held the gold standard in my mind but what I had today was not very good. The vegetable lo mein was flavorless. The General Tso chicken wasn’t bad. The beef and broccoli was kind of slimy and tasteless.

It was very disappointing that this place I held in highest regards just wasn’t the same. Consistency is important to restaurants and things must have slid over the years. I rarely complain about what I eat. Cleaning my plate is kind of a expectation that was inbred in me from a early age. However my experience today is a wake up call that things aren’t always the way you remember them.


Opening Day At Zaxby’s – We went out to lunch today at the newly opened Zaxby’s on Signal Mountain Road in Chattanooga. It neighbors a new Baskin Robbins which opened its doors yesterday. We had chicken fingers and crinkle cut fries with an ice cold beverage. It’s good to have a couple of more options in our part of town. It was crowded as expected but it was worth the traffic to get there.