Just Because You Have A Blog…


Having a blog is a privilege. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you can be a jerk. How you use your blog can tell a lot about you. Show some respect and kindness to your fellow bloggers. If we mess up and fail to be good just apologize and reconcile with those we might have wronged. Lets not make the blogosphere a toxic environment like other social platforms.

Keep on blogging!


Religious Respect


In the wake of the uprisings in Libya and Egypt regarding the insulting of the Prophet Muhammad it must be said that religious respect is more important than ever. Those who would seek to tear down any system of faith is not cool. Faith is a highly personal thing and it should be honored. Yes Christianity is not immune from criticism and it has taken its fair share of lumps. As a Christian it offends me more when my brothers and sisters are not spreading the peace and taking care of the poor and needy. We have to come together as a human family to spread the peace and love. Its what God would do.