Relevance vs. the old guy


Sometimes you want to relate to others who might be younger than you, other times you just wanna be the old guy you really are. The trick is to find out how to balance that. Believe me I am nice to people of all ages. However you wonder what younger folks really think about you. 


Relatable and Relevant


As I get older (I turn 45 on the 29th of August BTW) I hope I don’t become grouchy and overly cynical….even jaded. I want to experience life fully and to have friendships with people of all ages. Learning new things and having new experiences can be fun. Being relatable and relevant can make you feel timeless. No matter my age I want to meet them where they are in life and to be a friend and not some old guy who tells them how things should be done.


Being relevant is a hard thing to do.

Me, I Said This.

It’s great to be yourself but you also have to know what’s going on in the world and be willing to learn new things along the way. Being relevant means communicating with people older and younger than yourself. Keeping up with the times can be challenging for everyone.

Serious Blogging


I like to have fun while blogging, its cool to have a good time blogging in community. However, I have a serious side and my blog at times will be newsy and more information driven. A part of my philosophy is to be relevant and to post about the events of the day. Current issues that are in the news and the blogosphere are important things to me as a blogger. I am a news junkie and there is a lot going on in the world that affects us all and I want to share it with you.

To me what happens in the world is interesting. There is drama of all sorts in reality. Sometimes you can’t escape from the situation of the world that surrounds you. I guess as I get older my blog posts will have a more serious tone. Friends I need you to remind me of the fun side of blogging where you find the fandoms and the funny stories people like to share.