Rambling About Original Posts


On occasion it would be good for a blog to feature an original post from the person curating its content. It doesn’t matter what type of post however if you post a lot of pictures a text post every now and then can break up the monotony. 

Even if you reblog a lot its good to connect personally with your followers. It really helps keep them interested in you and the other things you post. People who continue to follow your site will be the ones you want for the long haul. 

In my humble opinion a good blogger will establish a relationship with people who take time to check out your posts. That is what makes blogging special in that it’s a very social medium. Keep your readers coming back and interested it will help you and them enjoy the process.


Follow That Blog…I Hope You Don’t Mind


Every relationship I have through blogging has come about because I followed a blog first and got to know someone through their posts. People have followed me back in the same manner. However when you follow a blog sometimes it feels like you are being nosy and that sort of thing. You just have to get past that.

Some bloggers want to share and express with the world everything in their head and on their heart, while others would rather just blog for themselves. It’s a personal preference on how many people you want to see your posts. 

Tumblr has created a platform that is in itself a social network through its dashboard where you see the blogs and posts of people who you follow. Some people choose to be personal, creative and original while others just want to reblog everything in sight. There’s room for both. Although I like a blog where I get to know a little about the blogger, its just more interesting if you ask me. 

I believe in the social element of blogging, its a great way to learn about things you didn’t know existed and to see life through other peoples eyes. No two people are alike. There is incredible diversity in blogging. You have to have an open mind on Tumblr and other sites like it. 

I hope you don’t mind if I follow you. It’s OK to follow me. 

Tumblr Can Be Weird


We all know that Tumblr is a great blogging platform that has a strong social networking component. Well it is also a bit weird at times.

Overnight a one of my posts was liked and reblogged and I don’t have a good answer why. It was about the movie “How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days"  and it picked up it seems over 100 notes and none of my posts have gotten close to that number. I am wondering if the movie was on a cable channel or perhaps someone saw the movie and it started a chain reaction.

I am wondering if perhaps it was a bunch of likes/reblogs that was delayed in presenting? Some old posts will see some new life every now and then but this was just mysterious. The movie isn’t one that people are buzzing about these days. Oh well, maybe there is a ghost in the machine.