My posts as of late have taken a serious tone. I like making observations about what I experience in life so I will blog about it. There are lots of things that inspire me and I want to share it with my blogging peeps. Lately there have been some serious things on my heart so I want to help others by blogging on them with the wider blogging/Tumblr community.

I can be a funny person, really. Just ask my family and friends I can be a complete dork, that too is an experience worth sharing.


Another Thing About Blogging


To all those folks out there who follow me I thank you. Some of us might not come together “in real life” but here we are mates. The cool thing about blogging is that we see each other as people who are at different points in our lives who are geeky about the same things. No matter your orientation, age, race, gender, religion or ethnicity we all are one group of people who are just trying to make sense of the world we live in and perhaps share more about ourselves in the process. Keep on blogging you beautiful people.

Real Life Situations


Voting, marriage, health care and the like are serious things that impact everyone. I think its great to see so many people blogging on these issues that are vital to our nation. We need to be concerned what happens in the real world, its a part of growing up.