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Farewell Luther, The Airwaves Will Miss You


Today a legend in the broadcasting community of Chattanooga passed away. Luther Masingill was a radio and television personality for both WDEF TV and Radio for over 70 years. He was on air during the beginning of World War II and during 9/11. He endeared himself to generations of people who call Chattanooga home.

Luther, yes he was an icon who was known by his first name helped announce the news of the community, play the music of a generation and helped reunite pets with their families. We were blessed to have a man of his talent be with us for so long. He was a hall-of-famer being inducted into both national and state halls for his contributions to the industry.

In an era of Sirius-XM, Pandora and the like Luther makes a great case for local radio. Having people from your community keeping you informed, entertained and enlightened. With the transient nature of people in media it is very rare for someone to stick and stay like Luther. He connected a community unlike any other. This man will be missed by our community, there will never be another like him.

Oldies of My Generation


I still listen to local broadcast radio. What is transmitted from my hometown radio stations keeps me connected to my community, I guess its just a generational thing.

Now on the way home from going out tonight we were listening to an oldies station that was playing music from the 1980’s. This was the era we came of age. When groups like Hall and Oates, Simple Minds, Queen, Blondie and more are playing on these stations it hurts a little. It’s a admission that we are further removed from our youth and life is moving on.

Hearing your generations tunes on a oldies station is like instant nostalgia. Every generation has its own unique music that defined the era. It is like a auditory time machine that takes you back to a simpler time. It triggers memories of prom, dances, hanging out at the pool with friends and other great events that one experienced from their youth. 

I enjoy hearing oldies from my parents era because that connects me in a way to their experiences in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

So as we start to hear tunes from the 90’s and eventually the first decade of the 2000’s on an oldies station/channel this will give all something to listen to and talk about.

College Radio, Today and Yesterday


I am listening to angelof-thursday as she does her college radio shift. Hearing music I have no prior experience with is cool. It reminds me of when I was a DJ in college. We played some Top 40. I remember playing edgy stuff like Nirvana and Pearl Jam the most. College radio is a great way to gain experience in speaking to a wide audience. You never know, you might be listening to the next Casey Kasem or Ryan Seacrest when you tune into a station like KANM or WLMU. 

Me and Music


I admit I am not up on a lot of the most popular music. My information on contemporary music comes from Saturday Night Live, TV and Tumblr. Retro music is what comforts me and reminds me of times gone by. It’s not that I want to not bring in new music into my life, I think I do some of that but its good to think outside the box. I listen to NPR in my truck and when I am home during the day. At this point in my life I enjoy learning about new things, being up to date on important events and gaining perspective on the world around me. Listening to public radio and watching public TV is probably the most nerdy thing you can do but I enjoy what I hear. So tonight as Grammy’s are being handed out, I will be watching Downton Abbey and Sherlock. The drama of a family and a consulting detective is more interesting to me than the awards show tonight.


Congratulations Luther! Luther Masingill is a long time veteran of Chattanooga, TN radio. He was on air during Pearl Harbor and on 9/11. He has helped keep our community connected and informed. Luther is a friend of pets too having reunited them with their families for decades. He is a one of a kind broadcaster and this region is lucky to have him. In Chicago this weekend Luther was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

(via Radio Hall of Fame – Luther Masingill, disc jockey)


When one of Luther Masingill’s faithful listeners wrote a letter and mailed it to Steve Hartman, host of the CBS Evening News feature “On the Road,” the producers didn’t think much about it. The show’s associate producer, Miles Doran, said he just passed it up and went on to the next letter in search of an interesting guest for an upcoming show.

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(Note…Luther Masingill has been a radio announcer in Chattanooga, TN for 70 years. He is the only broadcaster to announce start of World War II and The Gulf War. This man is a community treasure and legend.)


I am watching WKRP in Cincinnati. For those who have never heard of this show its a comedy from the late 70’s / early 80’s about a AM radio station and the situations they find themselves in. It stars Howard Hesseman, Tim Reid and Loni Anderson. This is one of my favorite classic TV shows.