Going Back To High School, Would You Change Anything?


We all have memories of our days in high school. There are treasured events that happened in those days that we look back on fondly. Prom, football games, band concerts, debate team, glee club/choir and yes studying are things that made those days fun but challenging. If you could get in a time machine (DeLorean or TARDIS) would you want to go back and change anything.

Do you wish you could ask that person out you wanted to but didn’t have the nerve? Perhaps joined a club you should have, tried out for a play or a sports team? There are lots of things we wish you could do all those things. Or perhaps it was what it was.

High school is a time of making choices. Some good, some bad. But if you could change anything kind of in the spirit of “Peggy Sue Got Married” or “Back To The Future” would you?

Hi Tony, thanks for the question! I’m curious how you originally got into blogging? Also, it seems like your main goal for your blog is to spread positivity; would you say that’s true, and if not, what is your main mission of your blog would you say?


Thank you for the follow-up question. I have been blogging on various platforms since about 2004. My first blog was on Blogger before Google bought them. I experimented with it and didn’t understand how it worked at first, but I eventually I got the hang of it and I have enjoyed the ride ever since.

As far as spreading positivity, its really just a part of my overall philosophy of being original in my posts, and sharing who I am as a person. I try to be a positive person however, like all of us I have my grouchy moments. The key thing is to be kind and to love your fellow blogger. So many people need someone to lift them up spiritually. I am a believer in God and that influences my blogging. I believe you can be grown-up in your blogging and at times be silly. Humility is important too.

The main mission of my blog is to connect with people and share my interests. Being relevant and respectful is important to me. I hope I achieve that in all my posts. I use Tumblr to expand my horizons and to exchange ideas. While I am doing that I am being myself, and I spread the peace that our world needs.

Opinion: Yahoo and Tumblr, Questions Linger, Not Convinced


I am not crazy about Yahoo’s proposed buy of Tumblr. It has been documented that past purchases of other web services have not worked out well for users. Geocities and Delicious are both prime examples. Tumblr could meet the same fate which would be devastating for those who have put their heart and soul into their blogs. Many people have built their whole web identity on this platform. 

Is Marissa Mayer different than previous leadership, I don’t know. She is very aggressive and expects results. Coming from Google Mayer has much to prove to Yahoo’s shareholders and the tech community. 

David Karp would continue to lead Tumblr but would report to Mayer and he would have to produce. I also hear that financially money is not coming in fast enough to keep Tumblr afloat. It’s going to be a situation where there is going to need cash to stay alive. So we are in a quandry.

I am reluctant to endorse the move. No I am not a shareholder but I am a user and I don’t know if our blogs would have to carry ads on them. Currently they don’t. I hate the idea of advertising on our posts like WordPress.com attaches to their users. Would Yahoo censor or restrict content, that is the billion dollar question for a lot of people. 

If Yahoo is not careful, there will be a mass exodus of bloggers if they don’t respect us and assure us we can keep using Tumblr in the way we have become accustomed to. It could be Yahoo would spend a lot of money and get nothing in return.

So we now come to a meeting being held tomorrow by Yahoo’s board that will make a very important decision. We will have to stay tuned for breaking news. I hate its come to this but we might have to get used to the idea. Lets hang on until we see what happens.

Keep on blogging like there is no tomorrow.