I Don’t Care What You Think, Perhaps You Should


When I see or hear of people not caring about what others think when they behave badly it troubles me. Their behavior has a serious impact on a lot of people. Just because you have free speech doesn’t mean you can demean your fellow man or yell fire in a movie theatre. If you are a grown person you have to be accountable for your actions both good and bad. We are all connected in humanity and universally so your moments of “you only live once” might hurt someone you love or someone that is just an innocent bystander. It’s selfish to think we can get away with anything. Everyone will have to answer to someone, someday for their actions.


Twitter tweets it’ll go public

Twitter has decided to go public. The company aptly announced on its short messaging service Thursday afternoon that it has filed documents for an initial public offering of stock. The documents Twitter …

(My Take: I hope the Twitter IPO will go better than the Facebook IPO from last year. Waiting is a good thing when doing something like taking your company public. Twitter is a great organization that hasn’t really rustled any feathers.)

Music on The Move


OK, I am older than most of my followers here on Tumblr. Our taste in music is most likely more different than alike.

Today on my way home from work I had the pleasure of hearing someones music blasting from their vehicle. Is it necessary to have music up that loud where you can hear the sheet metal of a vehicle shaking. In my opinion the music isn’t that good to begin with. What’s even worse is having that same vehicle go down the street of your neighborhood and you can hear the music in your house. 

Maybe I am just a old dude who needs to lighten up but perhaps we can respect the noise rights of others. Do unto others as they would do unto you and that sort of thing. 

Lets jam out but perhaps a little less in public.