Rambling about being wound up


Don’t get so wound up about others that it prevents you from enjoying your life and enjoying what you like to do. You have a place in community and a right to be where you are without facing the inability of others to function properly in a community setting. Be the best you, you can be my friends.


Come Ye Who Are Burdened


For some sharing their cares and concerns is often times uncomfortable. There’s the fear that they will be looked at differently and be judged. Solid friendships are based on trust that no matter what one is going through they can share what’s going on with others in their group of friends.

It’s important that people have other people who will share their burdens a little. Now, not everyone wants to share and they feel like they are imposing on the good nature of others, that’s fine, people are peculiar about their privacy and perhaps their pride. Love, respect and discretion are important…honor that when helping a friend or family member.

Friends, I hope you have special people in your life where you can turn to during times when your hearts ache, your soul needs filling and life has you in a bind. Resources and people are available to help you through. Houses of worship, community organizations, counselors and the like can be there for you. 

Ask For help


Never be afraid to ask for help. No matter what crisis you are experiencing don’t allow yourself to suffer. There are people in your area to help. Life is too short and your problems can be overcome with the assistance of good people and some work. Clergy, counselors, coaches and other professionals would love to see you through to a brighter, better life.

Life Is Worth Living


Whatever problems people have there are creative ways to resolve them. Drugs, self-harm and and the like are not answers. All life is valuable, all life is a gift from God, all life is important. Give yourself more credit, you have a contribution to the world to make.

Get help, there are plenty of resources in your local area so you don’t have to go down the road of destruction others have taken.

Think about how many creative people have fallen victim to their troubles and what hurts is they didn’t have to perish before their time.

Life is worth living, you will have issues, you can get past them.  Have peace in the chaos my friends. Friends you do matter. There are people who do care. 

This might sound cliche and cheesy but its holds truth, JUST SAY NO!

Don’t Fret About The Future


My friends there’s always hope and opportunity to get past the cares of your life. You might have problems now but the future doesn’t have to be murky and uncertain. Life has a way of course correcting and providing you opportunities. Hang in there. Uncertain times offer lessons in endurance and knowledge for the road ahead. Live one day at a time.

Asking For Help


There are times in life when you have to admit you need some help. Life throws all sorts of stuff at you and coping isn’t easy. People get mired down in despair and drama, so much so they can’t find their way out. It’s my opinion we aren’t built to live in chaos, although it seems to be that it wants us. Asking others to give you a hand is not a bad thing, admitting that you can’t do it all is being strong.

Everyone needs affirmation in life and they need to know they are fundamentally good. Having a safari guide into the wilderness that is our heart and souls can help us find our way in in the world. Relationships with spouses, partners, family and friends seem to be more complex these days. Finding ways of simplifying our connections with others will help increase the peace. I always say let go of selfishness and ego and your life will improve. However don’t let others take advantage of your good nature.

Support from family, friends and even professionals can get you going on the right path. I am blessed to have all of these components in my life. Of course I want to be there for others too. My life has been blessed by those who have helped me and its up to me to pay it forward.

Friends if you can’t see your way out of situations by what you are doing now reach out for help. There are organizations ready to lend you a hand. Don’t live in chaos, drama and the like. Be free for joyful participation in community. Love and peace to you all.



Do you think people don’t know how to react when someone actually cares about their troubles? Many folks want to carry their problems on their shoulders and don’t know they don’t have to. Its something I am learning. Some people are willing to taike on the cares of others. I care about others but I am learning to care about me. We should all care about others.