Stocking Up For A Storm


When there is inclement weather its common to stock up on items that will get you through the time in which it will be hard to get around. Anytime the forecast calls for snow, ice, sleet and any other frozen precipitation people will make a run for the store to buy everything from bread and milk to beer and ice.

How a person gets through a storm is different. In our house we have an emergency kit with common items that can get us through. However that is in extreme emergencies that would cause us to flee for a time. When it’s short term you have to get the essentials.

When the power goes out your food prep options become limited. Dry goods and bottled water will become your friend. In that situation you have to have plenty of flashlights, batteries, candles, matches for illuminating your space; don’t forget about a radio and a DC cellphone chargers. You will need blankets and dry clothing to keep you warm. It’s also a good idea not to open your fridge or freezer as it lets out the cold and brings in the warm air that could excellerate the thawing and spoiling time. 

The key thing is to be safe, keep yourself warm and inside. Check on your neighbors. Stock up on supplies and remember the weather will get better.